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The Sagrada Familia's new educational visits propose learning by discovery via the students' experience. The role of the guide or educator is as a councillor and facilitator of the temple experience. Using educational material appropriate for each level (electronic tablet for Secondary level, tool belt and story for group work for Primary level, and large format book with which the educator interacts with the children for Infant level) the student will solve the puzzles set and assimilate concepts associated with the Sagrada Familia.
The school visits to the basilica are intended to impart an idea of the complexity of Gaudí's great work and related concepts such as its history, and the nexus between spirituality, nature, architecture, geometry and the figure of Gaudí.
An additional aim is for students to learn to value the Sagrada Familia as a symbol of World and Catalan heritage. The visit is a unique opportunity to practice skills such as team work, observation and analysis, as well as to bring students into contact with the church's values.