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Anyone not complying with the regulations may not be admitted at the entrances or asked to leave the building, without prejudice to any legal action which may be undertaken against that person or his/her actions.
Visitors to the basilica of La Sagrada Família must respect the following regulations:
- Visitors must keep all areas clean and tidy. They must at all times avoid causing danger or distress, hindering the normal progress of the visits and damaging this heritage architectural monument or its installations.
- There is no entry to spaces, areas, rooms or work areas that are reserved and duly signposted or closed off with barriers or chains.
- The organisation reserves the right to alter itineraries or close off areas of the basilica for reasons of safety, restoration, maintenance, adverse weather conditions or occasional events.
- In order to comply with legal regulations, the organisation will regulate the capacity of the basilica and its areas according to criteria of safety and conservation.
- Bags, rucksacks, luggage and personal belongings will be checked and visitors will be subject to video surveillance. If any forbidden object is found they may be refused entrance to the building.
- The organisation reserves the right of admission if visitors fail to observe the regulations in force when entering the building or during the visit.