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- Advance bookings are required in order to enter the basilica. Any group that has not made the advance booking will only be able to enter if there are times available.
- Bookings give the right to make the visit at the time booked. Any group that does not arrive punctually will be considered not to have an advance booking.
- The maximum number of people per group is 40 plus the leaders or guides.
- The organisation reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to any of the areas according to the number of people gathered there. It also reserves the right to forbid the guides and teachers to give explanations in places which make it difficult for other groups or visitors to get by.
- The guide or teacher responsible for the group must see that the regulations are complied with. The group is under the obligation to stay together for the whole visit.
- Decree 5/1998, of 7 January, which regulates the activity of tour guide, states that the only people qualified to act as guides to the museum buildings are those accredited as tour guides in Catalonia, people working in education accompanied by their pupils or students, staff in the service of the administration on institutional visits and the staff employed by the basilica and its educational services. The decree establishes that:
  • All groups with an official guide or teachers with pupils will be accredited at the groups entrance with a corporate sticker which will give him/her the right to give explanations inside the basilica. No groups are permitted in the ambulatory area. Groups of 30 people or more are not permitted in the museum.
  • Any group that have entered as individuals may not act as a group. They will therefore have no right to give explanations and will not be accredited.
  • If any non-accredited person is found giving explanations, the security staff will expel him/her from the building for breach of regulations.
- Guides or responsible teachers giving explanations inside the building must use transmitter-receivers.